Re: A Feast for Crows

Like many another sucker I eagerly dived into A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin and quickly found myself saying, Where did everybody go? Who are these people? What does this have to do with anything?

Reading this book was truly painful. Too many characters I don’t care about. I renewed it twice and still ended up reading the last 100 pages at the library. Which turned out to be the only good part. I just wish I didn’t have to slog through the first 700 pages to get there.

As for the few characters I do care about who do show up, they hardly do anything. While Sansa is finally beginning to grow up, there’s something seriously wrong when Arya becomes boring by dint of ending Training Scenes. She can run over floating barrels or squat over a spike with a wine cup on her head or plunge  her hands into gravel all day, but I want to see her fight her way out past steam-powered mannequins. Or the equivalent.

It’s nice to see Jaime become more reflective and self-aware and all that, but it’s also disturbing. I mean, what’s the message here? That the best way to deal with an arrogant, overweaning, incestuous jerk is to cut his hand off?

There’s tons are other stories trying to be mildly interesting, but fundamentally distracting from the main story. Whatever that is. Isn’t this called the Song of Fire and Ice? Shouldn’t we be getting just a glimpse of evil ice demons and/or dragons? They didn’t even inch together in this installment. When are they going to duke it out?

Meanwhile Martin’s been promising for years that the next book will be finished “soon.” If you enjoy being tantalized, you can hear him say so again in this interview last November (which is part of an interesting show about science ficiton and Ideas).  Don’t hold your breath.


One thought on “Re: A Feast for Crows

  1. I have to admit I am hooked on the Fire & Ice Series by Martin, but at the same time find that I hate Martin for killing off the characters he allows me to invest so much time into. He keeps adding more characters that I could care less about as he ditches the one who came to mean the most to me. I don’t get it. Robert Jordan has an excuse for not finishing his series, I am wondering what Georges is. I suppose he’s in the fast lane and the readers who purchased his book and helped him get to where he is today have been forgotten. Oh well, that’s my rant for the day. Cheers!

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