Re: Bender’s Game

As I mentioned a while ago, Futurama is practically the only sci-fi on TV that I can stand. That is, I like it enough to keep watching the reruns and to enjoy watching the latest Futurama release, Bender’s Game, which makes two hours feel like 20 minutes.

The title has nothing to do with Ender’s Game, unless you want to contend that it’s about a robot who plays Dungeons and Dragons so much the game becomes real. Except he goes crazy for a while. And he drags his friends into the game. And they’re all transformed. And– Oops. The game connection just stretched so far it snapped like a rubber band that’s been stored in the corrosive air of 80s-era L.A. smog for ten years.

I’m not going to even try to summarize the story. It’s largely an excuse to string together a lot of jokes about our favorite haphazardly-run space delivery service of the year 3009, only to fling them into full-on pseudo-medieval fantasy epic mode. Don’t think too hard about it, just laugh and be glad it’s way better than the previous release.

Pretty good, but still doesn’t measure up to Bener’s Big Score.