Shoveling Prevention

Knitting the thumb with Magic Loop
Knitting the thumb on a mitten

During Boskone, I was knitting steadily in the back rows. It seemed very important to finish my mittens to ensure that I wouldn’t need them. A couple nights ago I finished the thumb and thought, That’s it. It’s not allowed to snow!

Then it snowed anyway. And I groused. Then it rained long to wash the snow away and reveal the true nature of my mittens.

They aren’t snow prevention mittens. They’re shoveling prevention mittens.

Mittens before and after felting
Mittens before and after felting

They must have acquired their mysterious powers when I tossed them into the wash, first one, and then the other to felt them. The picture on the right shows them halfway through. The one on the left is just finished. The one on the right has been through one wash cycle, shrinking and thickening and warding off any need for them.
I’m telling you, spring is coming.