Re: The Dreaming Wind

There’s lots of charming, weird, and frightful inventiveness in “The Dreaming Wind,” by Jeffrey Ford.  A small town is haunted by a wind that makes dreams real, in all their uncontrolled power. You get to watch how the people deal (or fail to deal) with it, but I didn’t find it as immediate or affecting as the strangeness of the town in “The Night Whiskey.” Instead, this story lives or dies by how much you enjoy the pranks the dreams play.

Which is to say, I thought the dreams were all right, but I was more interested in the narrative device toward the end that may explain the dream. Or maybe not. I like how it’s never stated explicitly, even while implicitly it’s pretty clear what conclusion the reader is being led to. Though it’s an interesting way to make a revelation, I have to say I like the writing better than the story, if that makes any sense.

Dances like the wind, and leaves the same impression.


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