Enter summer, stage right

Lilac flowers
Lilac flowers
Ebony Jewel Wing
Ebony Jewelwing

There’s nothing unofficial about Memorial Day being the start of summer. It’s when my lilac finally blooms and overwhelms the yard with sweetness. It’s when the hot weather starts. It’s when the first mosquito whines in your ear when you’re looking for the cat. They all spell the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Just to make sure, another harbinger arrived today.

He’s an ebony jewelwing,  a beautiful little damselfly that lazily flapped big black wings before he came to rest. Damselflies are more slender, more delicate cousins of dragonflies. They hold their wings upright and together when they rest. Like dragonflies, they spend their infancy underwater, eating everything in sight. Then they grow up and eat everything in flight. Either way, great little predators.