The week of irises

Siberian iris
Siberian iris with more to come

While the week of roses continues and the week of peonies continues, we also have the week of Siberian irises. Basically the same deal, like the rose, lots of flowers for a week, like the peony, total flop-over when it’s done. It’s a pretty week while it lasts.

The rest of the year, I really regret having planted them. They’re mostly a swath of boring floppy blades. Its main virtue is that it puts down a thick mat of roots good for holding slopes in place. It’s a vigorous plant that doesn’t stay put in a clump like the rose or the peony, spreading instead like supersized grass, while the center of the clump turns brown. It’s such a vigorous plant, it survives being dug up and flung down at random in new spots. And since it’s such a vigorous plant, it sprouts up again from the old spots, too.

Anybody want some Siberian iris?