Re: Just Before Recess

I still need to take a recess after Readercon, which makes me think of  “Just Before Recess“, by James Van Pelt.

Parker kept a sun in his desk.

The incongruity of something as vast as the sun inside a school desk charmed me. I was also charmed by the way he fed it. Feeding things is such an easy way to make them happy.

But something so charming can’t stay that way. The dark turn feels like the end of the first scene of a longer story, but it wouldn’t be so cheerful much longer.



One thought on “Re: Just Before Recess

  1. Finally followed the link and read this tonight. I actually sensed a certain darkness to it all along, so I didn’t see the conclusion so much as a dark turn but as one of several possible – inevitable – bad outcomes. Still, I could see how it could get picked up, even by a print mag if they needed something short. I’d buy it and not complain. It’s well-written, but disappointing in the end. No ‘my god, that’s good’ moment.

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