Can it be?

Handful of raspberries
Still more raspberries
Tall flowering hostas (bees not shown)
Swaying hosta flowers (with bees inside)

Just because the honeybees are in the hostas doesn’t mean I believe.

Just because some weeds are taller than the pear trees (not showing you that one) doesn’t mean I believe.

Just because there’s more raspberries than ever doesn’t mean I believe.

Even a breeze that promises thunder (can’t show you that either) doesn’t mean I believe.

Squash blossom (male)
Squash blossom (male)
One red tomato!
One red tomato!

Not even a squash in flower means I believe.

But when a tomato is turning red, now that, that I believe.

It’s summer!


3 thoughts on “Can it be?

  1. Oh, it’s summer out here. Just had my first computer overheat shutdown of the year yesterday.

  2. It’s the reason my server is liquid-cooled. Some days, the more thermal mass you can marshal, the better.

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