So much for tree-ripened peaches

I was trying so hard to be patient, but no such luck with the squirrels. This morning, I looked out and saw only two peaches left. And it wasn’t the wind that did it.

Those two left on the tree have a firm grip, so we’ll see how long they hold out. Of the drops, I managed to find three peaches still whole enough to stick in a bag and hope. And five more all covered with nips and divots. Yick. At least, I don’t need to worry much about pruning the tree.


3 thoughts on “So much for tree-ripened peaches

  1. Have you considered more serious protection? I was picking blueberries at a friend’s yesterday, and she’s got her small patch (about 10 high bush plants) inside a simple chickenwire hut with a simple piece of netting over the top. It keeps out anything bigger than maybe a large mouse. So these ten plants produce a phenomenal amount of fruit – we picked over half a gallon of berries in 10-15 minutes, and hardly made a dent. I know some growers individually bag Chinese pears as they get ripe, to thwart insects. Would such methods work for your peaches?

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