Goldfinches in the morning

Goldfinch eating breakfast
Goldfinch eating breakfast
Mourning dove playing at cat bait
Mourning dove playing cat bait

In the last few weeks, the coneflowers have started going to seed, and looking all raggedy. Part of that is just the flowers fading to grey-pink. Part of that is the goldfinches stopping by in the mornings,  wearing such a bright yellow it wakes you up just to look at them, to pick the freshest seeds. Evidently, there isn’t quite enough mature seed yet, as they then swoop over to the nyjer feeder and fill in the corners of their hunger. Yesterday, I finally got this picture before he flew off.

The mourning doves aren’t nearly so shy. At least one of them has gotten so used to me, that it struts about picking up sunflower seeds while I sit there watching. It’s as if it doesn’t care how close the cat might be — Yow! There’s the cat, looking amazing, all four legs reaching out for the bird that got away. Again. No wonder that dove is so sure he won’t get hit. Considering how many loose feathers are scattered about in the yard, this must be going on a lot more often than I know.

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  1. New to your site and enjoying it. I have a comment on format:
    It is difficult to read the posts with the text wrapping around all of the small pictures. The columns of text are pretty narrow. AND, SINCE YOUR PICTURES ARE SO STUNNING, you might consider posting one larger pic followed by text and then the supporting smaller pictures at the bottom (clickable to see larger of course.) I would have stayed with your pages earlier if I had seen one of these pictures pop out from the page. I have viewed your site in Netscape and Safari. I love collard!

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