The now and future eggplants

Eggplants resting before they get devoured
Eggplants resting before they face the grill

Why, yes, that photo is totally posed. I’m easily amused, by such small things as laying purple eggplants next to pink flowering tobacco, so the nightshades can congratulate each other on escaping the evil Late Blight of ’09. And (hastily crossing fingers) the tomatoes are still doing well, thank goodness.

Those two were big enough to be grilled, and the little winter squash I harvested was ripe enough to also be grilled, making nice little side dishes to what’s either the last grilling of the summer or the first of fall. I have admit the eggplant came out tasting a bit blah. Here’s hoping for enough mild weather to ripen the next three.

Eggplant with three little ones on the way
Eggplant with three little ones on the way

And look, in the background: more tomatoes, too!