Mayflies and Eggs

All these little bugs having one last fling before winter are reminding me of a trio of stories I heard on Drabblecast a while ago, or as they like to call it, a Trifecta.

The first is “Ephemeroptera’s Lament”, by Craig Watson, a goofy and charming tale of the joys and terrors of being a mayfly.

The second is a Mike Resnick I actually like. (Shocking, I know). “The Crack in the Cosmic Egg” is  a thought experiment about the true consequences of FTL.

The third story I shouldn’t even name, as every time I’ve listened, I tuned out.

Instead the trifecta pays off with the song or “bardle” at the end. Somewhat like “88 lines about 44 woman“, 75 lines describe the 75 stories preceding. Even if you haven’t heard the stories, it gives a good impression of the kinds of drabbles that are casted.