Re: Faith

If you’re a big enough gardening geek to know who Luther Burbank was, you might like “Faith,” by James Patrick Kelly. Or you might be in the mood for a nerdy love story. I just liked the way the title character, Faith, flings a Stephen King book at the floozy in her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s car, putting a satisfying dent in the door, thus delivering the most useful review I’ve ever seen of The Tommyknockers.

She runs the gauntlet of the personal ads, back in the day when you had to mail in actual paper to be printed in an actual newspaper. That sequence is amusing, but I really liked the gardening references that turn up when she meets a gawky, odd plantsman, and the touchy, wary romance that develops.


Collected in Think Like A Dinosaur (as is “Itsy Bitsy Spider“) or you can hear the author read it.