Monosonnets? What?

I know nothing about poetry. First I stumbled on a couple of  poems by Sherman Alexie that I like. The first is  an interrupted monosonnet that falls into a wonderful singing rhythm when you read it out loud. The second is a snarky response to Frost’s “Whose woods are these?” question. To me the question is, what the heck is a monosonnet?

To me, it looks awfully close to fourteen words on fourteen lines. Or sometimes sixteen. Alexie’s note gives Sidney Wade credit for inspiring him, and you can find a couple of monosonnets in the excerpt from Stroke. And if you like, you can read a lengthy exposition about sonnet forms that must go on for at least fourteen pages about what you can do with fourteen lines. So I guess it’s really fourteen metrical feet on fourteen lines. Or sixteen.

And I still know nothing about poetry.