Re: Don Ysidro

I’m not trying to make a theme of it, but here’s another story about a revenant.  In “Don Ysidro,” by Bruce Holland Rogers, the title character is narrating from the other side. I like this line about the proceeding sound to him.

As if I had cotton in my ears, I heard the voice of don Leandro saying to my wife, “Doña Susana, I think it is time to fetch the priest,” and I thought, yes, it’s time.

Don Ysidro was a potter, and as the whole village takes up his skills, a new craft is formed, a little like the birth of the alebrije. The ending also puts me in mind of  the poem “Do not stand at my grave and weep”. Both these things are probably why, even though you can see where the story is going, it still puts a lump in your throat.