May sprouts

Sweet alysssum seedling

In the sunny patch where the tulips and daffodils live, all the bulbs have laid down their leaves in a slowly, yellowing mess. I’m of the school that believes in letting the leaves ripen and dry up, so the bulbs can store up food for next year, which means it’s a mess right now. That patch is nothing but potential.

Snapdragon seedling

Some of that potential is sprouting now. These are flowers that reseed reliably if you leave the ground undisturbed at the right time. That’s sweet alyssum on the left. In time it will form a dense mat of sweetly fragrant little white flowers. When it first appears, you see tiny narrow leaves. And I’m pretty sure that’s snapdragon on the right. The leaves are very round, and they have a tinge of red.

Snapdragon buds

And if I’m wrong, some of the the snapdragons have overwintered. Soon they will flower again, and try to make more seeds.