Mystery Plants

Got a couple of mystery plants. One is new, one is old. I have a guess for both, but I’m never sure.

Mystery plant

The new one is a several ones all sprouting near where a small sunflower grew last year. Is it another sunflower? Or a Black-Eyed Susan? It might even  be a coneflower. Or something else, eager to prove me wrong. I will wait for it to flower before I call it.

Mystery shrub

The old one is a shrub flowering very prettily as it does every spring. It’s clearly one of those robust varieties that have been around for years. It grows in a corner that it really hard to get at, so looking at it from a distance and wondering if it’s a mock orange is the closest I can get.

Who knows?


2 thoughts on “Mystery Plants

  1. Can’t help you with the maybe-sunflower, but the mock orange is definitely a mock orange. One of my favorite plants; we had a big old one standing free in our yard when I was growing up, and the branches curved down all around it to form a round tunnel all around underneath it. Everything about your picture says “yes, that is the good old familiar mock orange” — what birders call the “giz”.

  2. Thank you for the confirmation. It’s a lot nicer than the forsythia that’s trying to overflow it. I have managed to get close enough to smell a faint sweetness from the flowers, but I wasn’t sure that it smells like orange. It’s flowering even more today!

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