Fruits of Summer

Warm, sunny days mean ripening fruits. Today I picked my first BIG tomato, a Ramapo tomato that I bought at Mahoney’s this year. Supposedly it’s the original “New Jersey” tomato. It’s an heirloom in the sense that it’s an old variety, but not an heirloom in the sense of seeds gardeners can save. Since it’s a hybrid, you need a big operation, like Rutgers university to breed them. The plant is growing healthily, but not making much fruit. Once I get over admiring the color, I’ll do the taste test.

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The eggplant is my standard Japanese eggplant variety, Ichiban (Number One!). These are fantastic brushed with olive oil and grilled. Or slathered with chilis and black vinegar and steamed. But so far I just have one to be picked soon.

The pear tree is a Starking Delicious that I planted a couple years ago. This is the first year it has fruited: four fist-sized pears that are even starting to smell like pears. These will be picked … later.