Tofu with bok choy and straw mushrooms

Bok choy and mushrooms attempt to eat tofu

This is one of my go-to dishes. I don’t even remember where I got this combination, but it’s quick. You can make it while the rice cooker is going. And if you’re the sort of person who will eat tofu, I’m guessing you have a rice cooker. You probably have a wok too, but I find this easier to cook in a skillet. So start your rice cookers … now!

Narrative of Tofu with Bok choy and straw mushrooms

1 block extra firm tofu
a few cloves of garlic
minced ginger, maybe a teaspoon full
Bok choy, baby or full-grown
1/2 t salt
1/4 t sugar
2 T rice wine or sherry
1 T soy sauce
1 T oyster sauce
2 T water
1 can straw mushrooms
1 t cornstarch
2 t cold water.
1 t sesame oil

  • Cut the tofu into cubes and soak in hot water.
  • Wash the bok choy and cut it up. For baby bok choy, I like to cut them in half.
  • Drain the straw mushrooms.
  • Dissolve cornstarch in cold water and add sesame oil.
  • In a hot pan add some oil. Add ginger and sauté to release fragrance. Add garlic cloves.
  • Add the bok choy and sauté until the greens are wilted. For baby bok choy, I like to lay them cut side down and sear them a bit.
  • Add salt and sugar, both to season and release some liquid.
  • Add rice wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and water.
  • Add the mushrooms and tofu.
  • Turn down the heat to a simmer. Cover and let it steam a couple  minutes.
  • Uncover and turn over the tofu. Gently.
  • Cover again and steam a little more.
  • Stir up cornstarch and pour into the sauce, stirring until it thickens and clings to the tofu.
  • By now the rice has clicked.

Serve with rice.


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  1. When I read the line “For baby bok choy, I like to cut them in half.” my first thought was that I didn’t know bok choy reproduced by mitosis…

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