Dal, rice, and kohlrabi

These are not so very photogenic, but they came out steaming hot and tasty.

The Pyaaz Mirchi Moong Ki Dal is straight from 660 Curries. It’s a mildly spicy pottage with caramelized red onions. This is the first dal I’ve made that doesn’t receed into the background of flavor. And it smelled amazing.

The “Monji haak” is a bit of a cheat. I got kohlrabi bulbs, but the most helpful thing 660 Curries told me was that kohlrabi comes from Kashmiri. A search for Kashmiri kohlrabi told me that I needed kohlrabi greens, too.  So I added turnip greens. It turned out to be a interesting mix: sweet slices of kohlrabi bulbs amid delicious dark greens. With a couple of chili peppers sneaking in.

So I’m feeling pretty pleased with this effort, especially since (leaving aside the prep work)  I cooked up both dishes while the rice cooker did its thing.