Planting a tomato is like keeping faith with the sun

Celebrity Tomato posing

I don’t care how persistently nasty the weather is; I went out and bought my annual tomato plant today. Don’t laugh. One plant is plenty. I just need a pound of ripe tomatoes at a time to add to meals over the summer. And I always look for a bush tomato so I don’t have to stake it.

So there I was. At the nursery. In the rain. Peering at labels, taking my reading glasses off and on as the distance changed, trying to read labels.  Quite a few sauce tomatoes.  Lots of cherry tomatoes. Even more vining tomatoes designed to grow completely out of control. Finally I picked a Celebrity, which should grow about four feet high and bear lots of eight ounce fruit. Just one.

I believe in keeping it simple. I believe in keeping the faith. Because I believe someday the sun will shine again.


2 thoughts on “Planting a tomato is like keeping faith with the sun

  1. I really like this post. Such a spirit of simplicity and balance. I share your faith.

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