The last few petals of a peony blossom

It’s not exactly comforting to make it home after getting caught in a frog-drowner, only to hear the weather guy on the radio saying this was nothing like the tornado-spawning storms of last week. Just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill severe thunderstorm.
It’s hard to apply the term “run-of-the-mill” to weather that sweeps the sky from clear to black in roughly an hour. As I drove from the library to the farmers market to the greengrocer to the supermarket, the sky went from clear to hazy to gray to leaden doom. By the time I came out from the last stop, what little light was left sculpted the undersides of the clouds into huge lumpen fists. The storms last week were alarming, but at least I was viewing the spectacle from inside. Remind me in the future not to think I can drive home faster than a thunderstorm during “rush hour”.

But I will admit it was an ordinary severe thunderstorm, because it tore down the peonies. That’s perfectly normal.


2 thoughts on “Peo-not

  1. I should have warned you about the thunderstorm !!! Temperature is very hot, quietness in the breeze..and look out ..The storm was some damage but the electicity was ok.. so look out in the sky and watch the weatherman .. they are probably right… Love MOM

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