Hey, peachie, you dropped something

A bunch of small, hard pears and peaches

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the peaches and the pears hanging small and round and scentless to ripen. The peaches have been rockhard so long, I even had time to drape some netting over the tree to keep the birds out. (I have no faith that the netting will do anything more than annoy the raccoons, but we’ll see.) This morning the peach tree looked all bent over and weighed down. When I went to look closer, I found a bunch of peaches in the bottom of the net and more on the ground and some with teeth marks in them. (I told you it wouldn’t stop the raccoons!)

And over by the pear tree I found a bunch more pears on the ground. Did they drop off, or get dropped off? Someone else is waiting for ripe fruit, and they’re not finding it either.