There’s still time to plant bulbs

No, that's not contraband. It's a baggie of Walking Onions

Not only am I wondering how long the scallions will last in the snow, and trying to grow scallions indoors, I planted some bulbs today.  In short, I’m making triple sure to have scallions around.

The bulbs were a gift, the sort of thing that gardening friends swap among each other. This baggie is holding a handful of Walking Onions. My friend said they’re so hardy I could scatter them on the ground and they would take root. Considering how green they look after spending a week and a half in a plastic bag, I believe it.  Even so, I was a little worried about the snow, but we have a week of sunny cool days coming up, so I found room to plant a double row of Walking Onions along the back edge of the herb garden.

Over time, they should propagate into the bare spots, and maybe over even more time, they’ll make topsets of little bulbs I can scatter and see where they’ll come up. And even more little bulbs to give away.