In which I go to a farmers market and remember I have a camera in my pocket

Shoppers at first day of Cambridge Winter Market

During the sunnier months, I enjoy going to the farmers markets for the usual reasons: local produce, supporting small farms, and all that. Up until last year, they shut down during the winter. Then  Somerville started a winter market last year, but somehow we never made it to the first season. This year, there’s two winter markets, and last Saturday, we actually went to the opening session of the Cambridge Winter Market.

I was so impressed by how crowded it was, it occurred to me to whip out my relatively new iTouch and take some pictures. (I’ve had it a couple weeks, and I’m still getting used to having that handy.) As you can see, the camera did a little better in this environment than with the hawks.

It was a different mix than I was used to seeing during the summer. Green vegetables were basically spinach and salad greens. There was a core selection of storage vegetables. Mostly it was such crafty foods as bread, cheesecake, eggs, cheese, fresh pasta, and the most beautiful oyster mushrooms you ever saw. (We will revisit the subject of oyster mushrooms soon.)

I circled around a couple times before finally settling on a few nice solid turnips and a big bag of remarkably uniform parsnips. They’ll make good companions for the rutabaga in the pantry. I feel a stew coming on…


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  1. Oh, awesome! We do a seasonal share at the Newton Community farm and a winter share, but it just ended and I’m running out of local root veggies.

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