I love the smell of parsnips in the afternoon

It smells like victory.

Last fall's parsnip harvest
Last fall’s parsnip harvest

At the end of the season last fall, I dug up about two dozen well-formed parsnips, almost six pounds worth. Also the usual tomato, eggplant, and chile pepper.  This was the biggest surprise, as I had never had any luck before growing carrots or parsnips. But last winter, I had enough parsnips to last me until April!

Over the winter, I tallied up which plants were more successful and which weren’t. On the worth it list:  Tomato plants, Parsnip seeds, Shallot sets, Eggplant plants, Carrot seeds, Pepper plants, and Squash seeds. Not worth it: Broccoli plants, Potato sets, Parsley plant, Snap pea plant & seed, and Lettuce plants. The mushroom kit was a nearly complete waste of money, and the raspberries & strawberries that I planted years ago continue to pay off.

Community garden plot full of greenery
Community garden plot full of greenery

This spring I renewed my resolution to avoid buying plants, and to trust my seeds to sprout. I resolved do better at growing greens. I have done better at planting my community garden plot to square foot grids. I marked out paths inside the plot.

Bags and bags of greens
Bags and bags of greens

Today was my first harvest. I picked several ounces of pea tendrils, a pound of flowering yu choy, and three pounds of turnip greens! Smells like victory!

So I celebrated by planting more parsnips.