Old Sun rising on a new year

Okay, let’s try this again. It’s been way too easy to just share cool stuff on the obvious platforms. This year I resolve not to allow them to seduce me into neglecting my own platform, such as it is. So anyway. Today there’s a way cool video of a sun halo in Sweden from the […]

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Going to Blues N Brews

I’ll be at Blues N Brews all day tomorrow. It’s the tenth one, an outdoor beer festival with live blues bands all day. I’ve steadily gotten more involved with it in the last few years, helping make sure there’s some cask ale in the mix. This year, I’ve also been Twittering as @BluesNBrews, and their […]

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NERAX is hastening near

Instead of going to Boskone tonight, I’ve got my webmaster hat on. I’ve been wearing it all week, working on updating the NERAX website nerax.org. It’s now running on Joomla, and it’s like having a  new toy to play with. The festival itself is coming up at the end of March, and we’re just hitting […]

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Irregular blog is irregular

I see it didn’t take very long for me to miss a day. The best part about forgetting to post is that I get to talk about it the next day, so it’s actually a twofer. Then I predict that I will continue to forget occasionally. Now we’re up to a three-bagger. Best of all, […]

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Reading list updates

Now that my Hugo reading is long past done and over, it’s time to admit that I have quite a list on request at the library. So this is what the Current Books section of my To Be Read stack looks like:

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Bookreading Bookkeeping

Well, I’ve read (all but one of) the books on my reading lists, but they were so interesting, it’s going to take me a while to sort out my notes. So that’s enough non-fiction for a while. It’s time to read more fictionlike, say, maybe the Hugo nominees. Which means my 2009 list just got […]

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