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Close inspection may reveal some irregularities

It’s a bad sign for this blog that I’m starting to skip days without feeling much of an urge to apologize. To both of you. Needless to say this blog is not exactly my highest priority. Nor will I bore you with the matters that, despite their importance, I don’t care to share. Still, I haven’t given up on it yet. After all, I don’t want to quit without making some grand declaration, and who knows when I’ll get around to writing that.

Coming up next: more bees

Going to Blues N Brews

I’ll be at Blues N Brews all day tomorrow. It’s the tenth one, an outdoor beer festival with live blues bands all day. I’ve steadily gotten more involved with it in the last few years, helping make sure there’s some cask ale in the mix. This year, I’ve also been Twittering as @BluesNBrews, and their sister festival @PigNPepper. And now my brain is feeling so overloaded, I don’t even want to think about posting anything here tomorrow.

Spring on the way to Boskone


On the way out to the door to Boskone I spotted these in the newly uncovered earth: snowdrops! In flower even. So it’s just a cellphone pic, but a pic nonetheless.

And Boskone? The usual. Went to a couple panels. Hung out with friends. It’s still not Readercon.

NERAX is hastening near

Instead of going to Boskone tonight, I’ve got my webmaster hat on. I’ve been wearing it all week, working on updating the NERAX website It’s now running on Joomla, and it’s like having a  new toy to play with. The festival itself is coming up at the end of March, and we’re just hitting the period when everyone involved goes crazy making sure it happens.

If you’re at all interested in beer, served in the most traditional and delicious manner, you might want to check it out!

Irregular blog is irregular

I see it didn’t take very long for me to miss a day. The best part about forgetting to post is that I get to talk about it the next day, so it’s actually a twofer. Then I predict that I will continue to forget occasionally. Now we’re up to a three-bagger. Best of all, since I expect the subject matter here to become ever more random, that makes it a homerun!

Reading list updates

Now that my Hugo reading is long past done and over, it’s time to admit that I have quite a list on request at the library. So this is what the Current Books section of my To Be Read stack looks like:

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Too bad my time-machine is on back order

D’oh!  I’ve had plenty of D’oh! moments when I thought I had a post scheduled the night before, and today’s another one. Anyway, you haven’t missed much. I really like the current short story entry, so I’m having trouble writing about it.  And I guess my backbrain decided that a filler post last night just wasn’t going to cut it.

So instead I’m writing a filler post the next day to fill in for a non-existant post the day before and wondering what makes me think that will look better tomorrow when yesterday I could have just posted the apologia I’m writing today.

Bookreading Bookkeeping

Well, I’ve read (all but one of) the books on my reading lists, but they were so interesting, it’s going to take me a while to sort out my notes. So that’s enough non-fiction for a while. It’s time to read more fictionlike, say, maybe the Hugo nominees. Which means my 2009 list just got longer.

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This blog is being passed over

Why is this blog post like a significant fraction of my other posts?

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