Old Sun rising on a new year

Okay, let’s try this again. It’s been way too easy to just share cool stuff on the obvious platforms. This year I resolve not to allow them to seduce me into neglecting my own platform, such as it is.

So anyway. Today there’s a way cool video of a sun halo in Sweden from the Astronomy Picture of the Day. When I look at this video of the sun shining into a cross inside a circle with beautiful tiddly bits of rainbow in the sky, I watch the contemporary people enjoy the spectacle and imagine ancient people seeing it as a manifestation of god. There’s certainly plenty of religious imagery incorporating the solar cross. So why not enjoy the sight and indulge in a little bit of solar worship.
Inside. Looking out the window. The sun may be shining here, but it’s freaking cold out there.


One thought on “Old Sun rising on a new year

  1. Good to see you back. If you can resolve to post, then I can resolve to read all those posts. (Although why this took a week to get to me I don’t know…digest sub?)
    Also, if a man had written “beautiful tiddly bits” would there have been ramifications? 😉
    Also also: we live in New England, and there’s a non-zero chance that one of the (several) regional effects of climate change will be more frequent colder winters. Since we haven’t been able as a society/culture/state/species to do what was necessary to prevent or reverse it, we’d better start taking steps to survive it. Personally…I’ve skied about every other day over the past two weeks, with the warmest conditions around 8 degrees F. It could have been a lot worse…we were lucky to have so little wind. But we’ll probably all hate the weather even more if it spikes into the 50s and rains, as is currently predicted for the end of the week.

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