2008 Hugo Recap

Here are the Hugo stories ordered very roughly by how much I enjoyed them. Reading them makes me want to read more of Elizabeth Bear and Daniel Abraham, and “Luminous,” by Greg Egan. Now I just need to buy my membership.

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Looking forward to reading the Hugos

I’ve got May all charted out for reading the Hugo nominees, plus a smattering of other works I like. I’m come really close to actually casting a vote in past years, but never managed to read them in time. Well, this year, I’ve got this blog to give me an excuse. Now if I could […]


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2008 Hugo Nominations

The 2008 Hugo Nominations were announced last night. And I called it: Halting State is on the ballot. When I read Rollback, I had a sinking feeling it too would be nominated, but I was afraid to say so out loud. Likewise, seeing The Last Colony listed makes me feel very discouraged: Old Man’s War […]

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