2008 Hugo Nominations

The 2008 Hugo Nominations were announced last night. And I called it: Halting State is on the ballot. When I read Rollback, I had a sinking feeling it too would be nominated, but I was afraid to say so out loud. Likewise, seeing The Last Colony listed makes me feel very discouraged: Old Man’s War really got under my skin and I don’t want to read any more in the series. A more pleasant surprise is Yiddish Policeman’s Union; I thought that was more a Nebula type. Finally, I can’t say anything about Brasyl except this content-free sentence.

As for the short works I’ve only read two so far: “Fountain of Age“, and “The Merchant and The Alchemist’s Gate“.

Tomorrow: So let’s talk about this merchant.


2 thoughts on “2008 Hugo Nominations

  1. None of my favorite novels made it so I have to read a lot before the final vote. My favorite novella “All Seated on the Ground” was nominated. I’m disappointed that so many voted for “Recovering Apollo 8” in that category as I thought it was an unnecessary altermative history that might confuse people who didn’t know Apollo 8 was a great success. Normally I like Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I was glad to see Greg Egan’s Intergers, another favorite of mine in the best novelette category.

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