A darker harvest

Sounds like a cheesy vampire novel, but all I see are deep colored berries entering the mix: black raspberries, blueberries, and darkest of all, mulberries. Oh yeah, the strawberries are still ripening, too. Whenever I pick black raspberries, I always remember a story I read as a child, “Green Black Raspberries are Red.” This is […]

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Blueberries, uncovered

The sun came out, I cut down and dug up some grass, and uncovered my blueberry plants. It looks like they’re even setting fruit, but there’s still some clusters of bell-like, white flowers. So, as promised, here they are.

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Next fruits

Blueberries are ripe. Mulberries are ripe. One or two of them, anyway. With blueberries you have to watch for that greyish blush to cover the deep blue color. I planted lowbush blueberries, because I like the smaller, more intense flavor of the little berries. This means a lot of stooping to pick these berries, almost […]

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Obligatory leaves

It being fall, the leafy colors are all around. Aside from the burning bush, the other bits of red leaves come from the blueberry bushes. What do you know? Just as advertised. But these are lowbush, not highbush blueberries, so they’re not going to be much of a stand-in for any euonymi.

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