Next fruits


Blueberries are ripe. Mulberries are ripe. One or two of them, anyway. With blueberries you have to watch for that greyish blush to cover the deep blue color. I planted lowbush blueberries, because I like the smaller, more intense flavor of the little berries. This means a lot of stooping to pick these berries, almost as close to the ground as the strawberries.


For a while, it looked like the mulberry tree had also decided to grow close to the ground. It was so wobbly last year, I had staked it. This spring I thought I could pull up the stake, but the whole tree bent over. Now it’s propped up again, but not on a stake. It can fall off the support. Amazingly enough, it’s growing almost upright. Even after the fierce thunderstorms we’ve been getting, it’s still upright. Mostly.

And it has produced the first winey, deep colored fruit.