Tiny flowers, tiny flies

Potter or Mason wasp

Cilantro is such a useful plant. If you plant it and clip it quick enough, you can chop up the leaves in Mexican, Vietnamese, or Chinese dishes. Or if it’s too hot to cook, it bolts and flowers. Lots and lots of tiny white flowers, which bring lots of tiny flies. And wasps. These tiny black wasps, are so tiny and busy with the flowers, I didn’t even see they are wasps until I uploaded the picture.

This particular wasp appears to be a potter wasp. It’s a predator that builds little jug-shaped mudpots filled with catepillars for the larvae to eat. Wonder where the mudpots are?

Syrphid fly

Hover flies are more familiar to me. This particular hover fly appears to be Sphaerophoria, which means I can spell Sphaerophoria. It’s taking a sip of nectar before it zips off to go lay eggs that will hatch into aphid-eating larvae.

Both will keep the garden low on bugs, so I can plant some more cilantro.