A darker harvest

Sounds like a cheesy vampire novel, but all I see are deep colored berries entering the mix: black raspberries, blueberries, and darkest of all, mulberries. Oh yeah, the strawberries are still ripening, too. Whenever I pick black raspberries, I always remember a story I read as a child, “Green Black Raspberries are Red.” This is […]


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Next fruits

Blueberries are ripe. Mulberries are ripe. One or two of them, anyway. With blueberries you have to watch for that greyish blush to cover the deep blue color. I planted lowbush blueberries, because I like the smaller, more intense flavor of the little berries. This means a lot of stooping to pick these berries, almost […]

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Along with the daily pint of mixed berries, today I finally picked two whole mulberries. Two delicious, rich-tasting mulberries from a tree I planted this spring. A tree that I nearly killed by leaving it in its shipping box for a week and watering the wrong end.  I’ve heard that mulberries are robust trees (a […]

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