Re: The Long Thaw

The Long Thaw, by David Archer promises to give a long view on how global warming could affect global climate, not just in our lifetimes but as far as we can imagine. For that view, the book looks to the geological past. The periods to look at may be the Cretaceous, when the sea levels […]


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Re: My Bread

Although I’ve decided that I like a bit more structure in my breads, I enjoyed Jim Lahey’s My Bread. Remember, this is not my bread, but Jim Lahey’s bread. And it’s his book.

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Re: The Magicians

I should have known better about The Magicians, by Lev Grossman. Usually I feel suspicious when for a week or so, I keep hearing the same author getting interviews on the radio. But I thought the premise of Narnia for grownups sounded interesting. So I gave it a try.

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Re: Essential Pleasures

I blame what little I know of poetry these days on Garrison Keillor. Sometimes he reads one I like. Sometimes he reads one that seems like a humorous anecdote, but I just don’t get what makes it into a poem. Mostly he reminds him that I like the sound of the spoken word, and he […]

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Re: Cheating Death

Sometimes I feel so easily influenced. Sanjay Gupta was so entertaining during his Colbert bump, I rushed right out and requested his book from the library. And Cheating Death: The Doctors and Medical Miracles that Are Saving Lives Against All Odds is totally worth the wait.  The book spins out stunning tales, like the skier […]

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Re: The Yggysey

After The Neddiad, the only possible follow-up is The Yggysey. Yggsdrasil Birnbaum has resigned herself to her friends calling her Iggy. She played a minor role in the previous book, hanging out with Neddie and Seamus. Here she takes the soundstage, finding out where all the ghosts in the haunted hotel where she lives are […]

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Re: The Revolution Business

The latest installment in Charles Stross’s Merchant Prince series, The Revolution Business, is, well, it’s the latest installment of a series. You know, the one where mild mannered technology reporter Miriam Bekstein discovers that she’s a lost princess from a Clan of drug-dealing warlords from a parallel world, and now she’s a pawn in their […]

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Re: The Element

I was interested in The Element, by Ken Robinson because I agree that everyone does have something they enjoy that they’re talented at, and that too many people forget or bury that passion. But I found this book  more inspirational than instructional. It’s 95% stories of talented people who figured out what their talent was […]

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