Re: The Yggysey

After The Neddiad, the only possible follow-up is The Yggysey. Yggsdrasil Birnbaum has resigned herself to her friends calling her Iggy. She played a minor role in the previous book, hanging out with Neddie and Seamus. Here she takes the soundstage, finding out where all the ghosts in the haunted hotel where she lives are going.

The book is filled with wry little comments, like amazing her first pizza pie is, and excursions to see Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. It drags in the middle, though, as they hang out in doughnut shops spinning plot wheels. The boys can’t really help her much; despite having saved the world (possibly) at the end of the previous book, Neddie remembers nothing.

Even so, they insist on coming along, so all three follow a rabbit’s ghost  down a hole, for an adventure underground that’s a mix of Wonderland, Oz, and Grimm’s fairy tales. The obscure reference that came to my mind was the potato people in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. It’s all a very Pinkwateresque picaresque of strange characters and odd places. While it’s a fun journey, Iggy drifts out of the center of the story, and has hardly anything to do with the ending.

Though it’s sort of a sequel, the book stands on its own. Mostly it made me want to re-read Lizard Music. So I did.