Re: Lizard Music

When I think of Daniel Pinkwater, the first book that comes to mind is always Lizard Music. It’s funny, intense, goofy, and light, sometimes in turns, sometimes all at once, in a way that leaves you off balance and finding something new every time you read it.

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Re: The Yggysey

After The Neddiad, the only possible follow-up is The Yggysey. Yggsdrasil Birnbaum has resigned herself to her friends calling her Iggy. She played a minor role in the previous book, hanging out with Neddie and Seamus. Here she takes the soundstage, finding out where all the ghosts in the haunted hotel where she lives are […]

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Re: The Neddiad

In The Neddiad, Neddie Wentworthstein’s father decides to move his family to Los Angeles so they can eat at the Brown Derby. This is typical of the charming absurdities that fill Daniel Pinkwater’s books. Anyway, Neddie goes on an eccentric journey by train to the Hollywood of an earlier era: bellboy ghosts and retired cowboy […]

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