Re: My Bread

Although I’ve decided that I like a bit more structure in my breads, I enjoyed Jim Lahey’s My Bread. Remember, this is not my bread, but Jim Lahey’s bread. And it’s his book.

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Messy fougasse

Considering all the misshapen bread I’ve produced, there’s no way I could go wrong with fougasse. You deliberately misshape the dough when you roll it out. And then you inadvertantly misshape the dough trying to get them onto the paddle when they stick to the board. But look at them. How could you go wrong?

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Hard-working bread

The big reason that no-knead bread appealed to me is that I find the traditional way of kneading, pressing the dough and folding it, to be really tiring. Fortunately, by the time I decided that I needed to knead my breads after all, I had discovered other ways to knead the dough.

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Happy Bread

Success! I managed to bake a bread I like. It domed up in the oven, and held its cute, round shape. I think I made it on myself than I had to, but I can’t care. It not only tastes good, it looks good.

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So — a sourdough

Today’s bread was a sourdough. My breads are still not rising as much as I’d like, but oh my god this one tastes good. Sweet and sour and nutty. I want another slice. Maybe I should say: Tasted.

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My flirtation with no-knead bread

Like so many people, I have been ensnared by the promise of great bread with little effort extended by the infamous Bittman/Lahey recipe, in particular the version presented on Good Food. The pot boule is a brilliant innovation. You mix up a wet dough, let it ferment overnight, and pour it (gently) into a hot […]

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