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Mulitigrain bread

It’s cool enough to bake again. Actually, it’s been cool enough for a while, but I need to add enough motivation to overcome my work function of inertia. Anyway, I made a nice big loaf of multigrain bread. And since I forgot that the recipe I’m working on usually makes two loaves, I baked a really big loaf of multigrain bread. Over a kilogram of fragrant, chewy, moist, springy, earthy bread.

Oh, and I got some good writing done today, too.



Why a bread like a peony?

Bread fixing to burst

Today’s bread came out all pretty and plush. It’s as plump as a peony.

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Are they celebrating my bread?

Crusty, fluffy wheat bread

I will admit to doing a little happy dance over how well this crusty chewy yummy loaf of bread came out. But why am I hearing fireworks? Is that real? The weird thing is this is not the first time I’ve heard mystery fireworks this week. But fireworks again? Really?

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Simple wheat bread

Fresh loaf of wheat bread

Now that I’ve settled into a couple of bread routines that work for me, I’m starting to do variations. Like this wheat bread. Nothing to it.

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Springy bread

Bread springing up the beginning of spring

Its such a spring that even my breads are springing.  I think I’m getting the hang of this baking thingy.

Shoe, it’s bread

Bread that thinks it's a clog

There once was a loaf that looked like a shoe.

It had so many yeasties, it ddn’t know what to do.

It hid in the oven and covered its head,

‘Til its crust was all golden on fluffy white bread.

Woo-hoo! Bread

Round bread is round

Wow! Look at the loft in that bread! I finally baked a loaf that rose up in the oven.

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The Sourdough is dead

Goodnight, sad yeasties. And flights of bacteria sing you to your rest.

I wasn’t using my sourdough starter often enough even before I went to Boskone. It kept drying out or forming hootch. I’ve seen worse science experiments in the fridge, but this one has gone far enough.

You don’t want to see it, do you? Do you?

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Passable Bread

Simple sourdough bread

Why are the simplest things hardest to do?

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Smiley Bread

Smiley bread

There seems to be no end to the wacky shapes my bread takes. This loaf I realized too late was too long to fit on the baking stone, so I bent it. Now it looks like it’s auditioning for an American Express commercial.