Are they celebrating my bread?

Crusty, fluffy wheat bread

I will admit to doing a little happy dance over how well this crusty chewy yummy loaf of bread came out. But why am I hearing fireworks? Is that real? The weird thing is this is not the first time I’ve heard mystery fireworks this week. But fireworks again? Really?

<Does a quick google.>

Yes,  really. There were fireworks Monday.

So what about tonight? What about right now?

<Does a search on Twitter.>

Yes, really! They’re even closer this time.  Supposedly. I still can’t see them. Let the booming give my happy dance a new beat.


2 thoughts on “Are they celebrating my bread?

  1. Monday’s was Liberty Mutual showing off how much money they could waste. Friday was Tufts University celebrating their 150th anniversary. When the boil order ends in Boston, I want more fireworks!

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