Rescuing a ladybug

I was the sort of kid who would pick up worms from the sidewalk after a rain. In fact, I still move worms back onto the grass. Lately, I seem to be making a habit of rescuing bugs from the T.

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Link laziness

I’m not getting a whole lot done today, so here’s a random collection of things to read to keep you from getting anything done. The hawks in the area are active, but that’s not keeping the squirrels down.  Here’s a video of a squirrel daring a young hawk to come and get it. Warning: includes […]

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Virginia Creeper

Virginia creeper is one of those plants you have to keep an eye on and hack back when it goes too far. It grows so robustly because it’s a native plant, and also because it’s a native, the bees love it so much that you can hear the vines buzzing.

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Tricky Bugs

I was so sure this was a syrphid fly, but bugGuide has set me straight: it’s a Narcissus Bulb Fly Merodon equestris. At least it’s in the syrphid family. And I do have actual syrphid flies, but they’re much smaller than Mr. Bumblebee Fakeout Merodon.

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