Rescuing a ladybug

Fly away, little ladybug!

I was the sort of kid who would pick up worms from the sidewalk after a rain. In fact, I still move worms back onto the grass. Lately, I seem to be making a habit of rescuing bugs from the T.

A couple months ago, I spotted a honeybee vainly trying to fly out a bus window. I managed to chivvy it into the carrying tube for my reading glasses, and released it outside when we got off the bus.

This morning I saw a orangey-red blur near the rail over the seats on the subway. Then the bug settled on the rail. When the doors opened, I swept the bug off the rail, and as we rode the escalator, confirmed that I had a ladybug in my hands. It tried to fly a bit too soon, so I covered it until we were outside. But once I uncovered it, it didn’t want to fly. Silly thing. After some encouragement, it flew off into some daylilies.

Happy hunting, ladybug!