Still Buzzing

Things are getting ratty looking in the garden, but the heart-leaved aster is still hosting a buzzapalooza every day. I wish I could get some pictures that conveyed just how many bees are all over. There must be a dozen bees just on one plant. Plus an Eastern carpenter bee showed up the other day. […]

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Tomato, tomato, tomato

Today a monarch flew right in my face and danced off laughing at me. Has it been watching Venture Brothers? Meanwhile, my one tomato plant, Early Girl, has cluster after cluster of sweet nuggets that get redder by the hour. And the volunteer tomato is nearly ready for a taste test. I see lots of […]

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What Butterfly Bush?

You know you’re obsessed with bees when you buy a Butterfly Bush (or Buddleia) because there are gigantic bees buzzing all over it. Meanwhile, there was a plant sprouting in my yard that I half-knew what it was but couldn’t quite name it, until I plunked down the storebought Buddleia. I took one look and […]

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