Long Apatosaur is Long

In the days of the Very Long Ago, there was a great Apatosaurus and his tail was very long, oh my best beloved. He would walk through the spiny piney palmy forests and snap his tail, ever so gracefully, ever so loudly, and CRACK, down would fall the trees and he could eat. He would […]

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I thought I would try an experiment. While I didn’t care for what I wrote in the flash fiction workshop at Boskone, I did feel inspired enough to try again. So here’s a picture I took this morning, after letting it sit in the back of my mind, here’s what came out when I started […]

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Cats in snow

It seems to take life-threatening weather to keep the cats inside. After all, there is Important Cat Business that Needs to be Attended to. Therefore, they must go out, barefoot or barepawed, sidle along the house, leap between dry spots, and–if pressed–wade through snow belly deep. And just when I’m getting impressed by how little […]

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Let’s talk about cats

As you have guessed, I have cats. In fact, for most of my adult life, I have had a succession of pairs of cats. As a writer with cats, I really, really don’t want to turn into yet another writer who blathers about her cats.  But a recent comment called me out. You see, I […]

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