The mystery of the seed packets

It’s that time of year when I look over the racks of seeds in the store thinking, Ooh I want those. But don’t I already have some cleome seeds around somewhere? Even when I look through my collection of seeds at home, I still can’t shake that feeling. Today, not only this mystery but another […]

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Bye, columbine

The last of my columbines are still attracting bees (this one is a Lasioglossum), but they are fading and raising up fistfuls of seed pods.  They’ll be back. They’ve come back and spread with glee, ever since I planted a few seeds years ago. All I remember of the variety is that supposedly the dark […]

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Fall sprouts

Okay, it’s after Thanksgiving, so the weather is officially allowed to snow. And even now, just when most of the garden is falling asleep, some seeds are still sprouting. Like this a columbine unfurling its first leaves.  Good way to get a jump on the competition. You think?

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