The mystery of the seed packets

Aquilegia vulgaris "Magpie" seed packet

It’s that time of year when I look over the racks of seeds in the store thinking, Ooh I want those. But don’t I already have some cleome seeds around somewhere? Even when I look through my collection of seeds at home, I still can’t shake that feeling. Today, not only this mystery but another was solved.

The first solution came when my husband did some house cleaning: he found a tin fulled to the gills with a treasure trove of old seed packets. Not only did I find at least seven varieties of tomato, but all sorts of other flowers that I’ve never completely forgotten about: pinks, stocks, lupines — not to mention the cleome seeds and the columbines whose name I couldn’t remember. They are Aquilegia vulgaris “Magpie”.

I only planted a few seeds of “Magpie” back in 1995, leaving plenty in the packet for later, just in case. Well, that case never happened, because those columbines took over whole swaths of the yard, spraying lots of seeds everywhere. So I don’t need any more of those.

I want to plant the rest of the seeds now and see if they’ll sprout. After all, what am I saving them for?