Unbearable cuteness of corn

I did not grow this corn. Too cute. Neither did the squirrels grow this corn. Oh, no. This corn is so professionally grown, it formed as a slender extra ear clasped within the husks of a full-sized ear of corn we had for dinner. The kernels are so fine, so perfect, so fully formed, and […]

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The corn is so cute!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, The corn is so cute, Oh, oh, oh, oh, With its tassel just so, Oh, oh, oh, oh, And the grasshopper knows, Oh, oh, oh, oh, Where the tenderest shoot, Oh, oh, oh, oh, Will not be complete, ’til it offers itself, To a hopper to eat.

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Squirrel Corn

The latest addition to the critter feeders is a hanger to put dried corncobs in. This is my most successful attempt so far to get the squirrels to leave the birds more sunflower seeds. In the mornings, I often see squirrels having a leisurely breakfast, but after I fill the bird feeders, they still go […]

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