Squirrel Corn

Half-eaten corn in squirrel feeder

The latest addition to the critter feeders is a hanger to put dried corncobs in. This is my most successful attempt so far to get the squirrels to leave the birds more sunflower seeds. In the mornings, I often see squirrels having a leisurely breakfast, but after I fill the bird feeders, they still go for the sunflower seeds. So I wasn’t sure that the squirrels really liked the corn all that much.

Curiously familiar sprouts

Meanwhile, the latest mystery sprouts look awfully familiar with their grassy blades, friendly even, but I couldn’t quite place what they were.

Then I spotted a squirrel caching corn. They like the corn after all! They do this with peanuts too. When they find something they especially love, they carry away tidbits, and hide them. It’s so funny to watch them scratch in the dirt with their tiny little hands. Then they put the kernel in. They even pat the dirt over it firmly. The idea is to have lots of little places they can come back to for a snack.

Or is it?

Maybe there’s a reason why those sprouts look familiar. Maybe there’s reason why they’re scattered on the slope above the feeder and on the ground below. Maybe I should pull one up.

Sprouting corn

What do you know? The squirrels want to be corn farmers!