Even for the squirrels it’s harvest time

The squirrels plant corn all over the place. You might think they’re just caching it, by hiding kernels in the ground, but in some spots it comes up spaced so evenly, it looks deliberately planted. And in this one spot, which doesn’t actually get all that much sun, somehow two years in a row now, […]


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Link laziness

I’m not getting a whole lot done today, so here’s a random collection of things to read to keep you from getting anything done. The hawks in the area are active, but that’s not keeping the squirrels down.  Here’s a video of a squirrel daring a young hawk to come and get it. Warning: includes […]

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A little-known variety of the North American trickster animal is the Squirlfeeder. Somewhat like the Japanese tanuki, this small furry animal resembles a squirrel in its natural shape, but when threatened can transform itself into other objects to fool humans. The backyard variety favors the bird feeder, for obvious reasons. Here you see an incomplete […]

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Squirrel Corn

The latest addition to the critter feeders is a hanger to put dried corncobs in. This is my most successful attempt so far to get the squirrels to leave the birds more sunflower seeds. In the mornings, I often see squirrels having a leisurely breakfast, but after I fill the bird feeders, they still go […]

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More raiders of the feeders

The raccoons are the last ones to get a chance at the bird feeders. The real reason I fill the feeders every day is all the hungry young critters out there. For instance, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal have two kids again this year.  With cardinals, the juveniles look just like Mom, except that their beaks […]

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