Sometimes red means go ahead and eat

The various bright reds in the garden are catching my eye. Tomatoes are red. Strawberries are red. Raspberries are red. Even crabapples and rose hips are red. They are the reds of little round traffic lights, Reds that mean Stop and pick me, Reds than mean Go ahead and eat me.

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Apple blossoms for May Day

The apple trees are flowering, and I can’t get enough of how pretty the blossoms are. They begin as red dots that swell to round buds with a pink blush. Both the Macintosh and the Egremont Russet trees that I planted last spring are now opening white flowers. As for the crabapple trees, they are […]

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Crabapples multiply

While the apple trees I planted this year are still establishing themselves, the crabapple that inspired me is fruiting. Several handfuls worth. I guess keeping the weeds off the tree work. The crapapples look like big, hard cherries hanging in their clusters. Thing is, since crabapples are so tart, how do I know when they’re […]

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